Commercial Bulk Cleaning Supplies Distributor in Ohio

With the many day-to-day processes large and small business corporations undertake, the right cleaning supplies can make all the difference for a job well done. Whether you own a small manufacturing company or a commercial business, Akron Cotton Products, Inc. has the cleaning supplies you need.

At Akron Cotton Products, Inc., we are proud to offer commercial bulk cleaning supplies to suit the specific products you and your company desire. Our cotton and other blend products have a direct impact on your procedures so you can rest assured that your equipment is getting the cleaning treatment it needs.

Our Commercial Bulk Cleaning Supplies

To produce superior results for your production and clean-up processes, Akron Cotton Products, Inc., specializes in graded cloth wiping rags. In addition, we also offer over 6,000 products, including carefully selected brands from chemical cleaners and finishes to machinery and other related tools. With our cleaning products, you can trust the specific needs of your company will be met.

At Akron Cotton Products, Inc., we have a janitorial sanitation supply house stocked with high-end products at competitive prices for your establishment. Furthermore, if you have a filtering need, Akron Cotton Products, Inc., has you and your company covered with our ability to produce custom products for soft filters. We have it all.

Why Should You Choose Akron Cotton Products, Inc.?

We have been a secure source of economical products for companies seeking low-cost materials for more than 90 years. Our distributors do not just serve companies in Ohio, but we also serve companies seeking bulk cleaning supplies nationally.

If you are interested in a commercial bulk cleaning supplies distributor, contact our team today by calling +1 (330) 434-7171 or by sending us a message through our contact page. We would love to provide you with more information or answer any questions you may have about our products.